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Thousands of people have found pain relief and improved comfort with the use of our ergonomic computer products.

YOU TOO can be comfortable
at your keyboard or mouse.

Call and ask our certified hand therapist about your particular problem or for an ergonomic evaluation of your workstation. She can help you select the best ergonomic product for your needs:



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ErgoMagic 3-Piece Split  & Tented  Ergonomic Keyboard
ErgoMagic 3-Piece Split & Tented Ergonomic Keyboard

Keyboard & numeric pad tilts & splits into 3 pieces to place any distance apart. Great for shoulder discomfort...spread it out!

Suggested Retail Price: 299.00
Our Price: 219.00
VARIDESK Pro Plus 36
VARIDESK Pro Plus 36

Suggested Retail Price: 450.00
Our Price: 435.00
"Lift and Lock" Under desk Ergonomic Keyboard/Mouse Tray
"Lift and Lock" Under desk Ergonomic Keyboard/Mouse Tray

Tray lets you mouse on the right or left, for straight-aways. Lift and tilt mechanism makes height and angle adjustment simple.

Suggested Retail Price: 310.00
Our Price: 266.00
Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray
Adjustable Ergonomic Keyboard Tray

Strudy & Adjustable Keyboard and Mouse Tray Under $150!!!

Suggested Retail Price: 169.00
Our Price: 159.00
3M Renaissance Vertical Ergonomic Mouse
3M Renaissance Vertical Ergonomic Mouse

Give your Carpal Tunnel a break from being palm down all day. Grasp your mouse as a joystick to reduce pressure in your wrist.

Suggested Retail Price: 85.00
Our Price: 79.95
Ergonomic/ErgoRest Swivel Arm Support
Ergonomic/ErgoRest Swivel Arm Support

Relax your arms and shoulders at your keyboard or input device with this articulating swivel arm support.

Suggested Retail Price: 128.80
Our Price: 109.40
PC Magni-Viewer Computer Monitor Magnifier
PC Magni-Viewer Computer Monitor Magnifier

PC Magni-Viewer is a computer monitor, TV and book magnifier to ease eye strain and enlarge text for macular degeneration or reduced vision problems.

Suggested Retail Price: 404.00
Our Price: 150.00
Catalina Standard Ergonomic Chair
Catalina Standard Ergonomic Chair

Suggested Retail Price: 528.00
Our Price: 421.00
Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard
Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard

0-30 adjustment in the horizontal plane, combined with 0-30 adjustment in vertical tenting. Allows keyboard to be placed on the notebook

Suggested Retail Price: 139.00
Our Price: 119.00
Ergo Beads Keyboard Wrist Rest
Ergo Beads Keyboard Wrist Rest

Bean bag wrist rest for keyboard and mouse. Ultimate comfort. Doubles as a hand exerciser.

Suggested Retail Price: 29.99
Our Price: 24.99
Remote and  Onsite Ergonomic Evaluations
Remote and Onsite Ergonomic Evaluations

Remote Ergonomic Evaluations and Programs for Employees with Early Symptoms

Suggested Retail Price: 300.00
Our Price: 150.00

You can experience healthy computing. Keep your hands, arms and neck healthy with our ergonomic computer products. Prevent cumulative trauma disorders and computer-related injuries.

Best-priced computer ergonomic products in the 'ergonomic jungle'. If you do not see it here call 719-520-5009, we will have it for you.






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