Ambidextrous (right or left handed) capacity 
and a detachable wrist rest makes 
this space-saving mouse alternative 
an ergonomic masterpiece.

Ergonomically contoured and shaped to the human palm, hand, and wrist, our ErgoTrackballTM comfort combo offers professional, drafting-grade resolution weighing in at a full 6400 dots per inch!

ErgoTrackballTM offers a trio of rugged, tactile response keys - you know what we mean... you press, you feel the spring, you hear the click - this is the way trackballs (and everything else) should be made! Along with the scroll lock button, the third key offers fully-programmable features - all software included.

Ergonomic, handsome, three micro-switched force feedback keys/buttons - it's hard not to fall for the ErgoTrackballTM... and with compatibility for USB, PS/2, and Serial ports

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

ErgonomicTrackballTM ERGONOMIC TRACKBALL -6400 DPI Ergo Track

Suggested Retail Price: 75.00Our Price: 69.00Compatibility: 
Relieve the discomfort in your neck, arms and hands immediately...order now and receive a FREE copy of "Computer Comfort Ergonomic Tips". Call 719-520-5009 with questions. products are tested and evaluated by a Certified Hand Therapist.






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