Arms and Hands Computer Ergonomic Stetching

Arms and Hands Computer Ergonomic Stetching Software

Remote and  Onsite Ergonomic Evaluations
Ergonomic Educational Videos
Remote and Onsite Ergonomic Evaluations

Our remote office ergonomics evaluation is available worldwide. It is an expedient and cost-effective solution for those who are not near an Ergonomist who can provide a remote assessment.

Contact us and email us pictures of the employees workstation. We will send you a worksheet. Our Certified Hand Therapist will review ergonomic risks, provide recommendations in design and equipment, handouts and instructions.

Would you rather have an Ergonomist visit you? If you are interested in getting a quote for an on-site ergonomic assessment please contact us at 719 520 5009. We provide onsite consultations within the United States.

Denver, Colorado Ergonomic Consultant

Colorado Springs, Colorado Ergonomic Consultant

Dillon, Colorado-Summit County Ergonomic Consultant
Remote and Onsite Ergonomic Evaluations ergoconsult

Suggested Retail Price: 200.00Our Price: 150.00
Ergonomic Educational Videos

Train yourself or work force with ergonomic instructional videos. Use them with managers or supervisors to explain cumulative trauma disorders(CTDs), ergonomic solutions and workplace design for soft tissue injury prevention.

Use these video classes with employees and new hires to instruct them in correct working postures and workstation design.

Keep your work place healthy and your injuries and costs down by enhanced ergonomic awareness.

These are none returnable.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

Suggested Retail Price: 109.00Our Price: 99.95
RSIGuard Streching Software
RSIGuard Streching Software

Rest break reminders that are timed based on how hard you actually work at the computer.

Customizable stretches shown during rest breaks

Ergonomic reminder messages keep you aware of how you are working at your computer.

Online ergonomic training teaches you the basics of healthy computing

Automatic clicking eliminates strain associated with mouse clicking. Cuts your clicks by 50%!

Program in work restrictions. Will alert user if exceeding.

Can record keystrokes and mouse clicks for data evaluation of most used keys (repetition) that can be rearranged with hot keys or reconfigure the keyboard.

Flexible multi-user and network support lets you easily move from computer to computer, install on servers, intranets, etc.

Availability: Usually ships in 3-4 business days

RSIGuard Streching Software RSI

Suggested Retail Price: 75.00Our Price: 65.00

Relieve the discomfort in your neck, arms and hands immediately...order now and receive a FREE copy of "Computer Comfort Ergonomic Tips". Call 719-520-5009 with questions. products are tested and evaluated by a Certified Hand Therapist.






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