Before Ergonomic Adjustments and Equipment

Hear people's comments about the pain and discomfort before using our ergonomic products and the relief after:

"I am a believer in negative tilt ergonomic keyboard trays; the pain in my wrist is gone."-accountant.

"After 2 weeks on the negative tilt keyboard tray the tension in my neck, arms and hands are gone."-paralegal

"I have no symptoms in my hands and wrist after using the Goldtouch split keyboard."-customer

"The 3M Renaissance Mouse relieved my hand of a constant palm down position. The pain in my wrist and elbow is gone"-LSI Logic employee

Relieve the discomfort in your neck, arms and hands immediately...order now and receive a FREE copy of "Computer Comfort Ergonomic Tips". Call 719-520-5009 with questions. products are tested and evaluated by a Certified Hand Therapist.






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